RTF Turf

RTF turf is a great new development in amenity turf because it can tolerate long periods of drought.

It has an incredible root system that can go down 1.5m (nearly 5 feet!) into the soil. This helps it search for water deep down in the earth. Even in severe drought, when other grass goes brown, tall fescue will recover very quickly with the first rain.

RTF has a dark green colour and is capable of withstanding high levels of wear and tear.  It is also tolerant of saline conditions, which is why it’s specified for seaside landscaping.

RTF Turf has quite a broad leaf, so it is not suitable if you want a very fine looking lawn. But for general amenity use it’s perfect, especially where irrigation is not available.

Suitable for

  • Dry soils
  • Seaside
  • Domestic lawns
  • Commercial & Domestic landscaping
  • Public & Business parks
  • Green spaces